The Forgotten King

From the Crypt to the Underdark

After the defeat of the Betrayer and Krootad, you squeezed through the hole in the crypt floor so as to follow the smaller Krootadian minions. Descending a rudely fashioned shaft, you found yourselves deep beneath the earth. You stumbled out of the rough-hewn shaft onto a small stone ledge which opened onto a vast cylindrical Earth Node. The spellcasters in the group could feel the power of the node. You discovered two interesting figures: a dead halfling, who had been killed with arrows, which had been removed, as well as small bite marks to the face; the other figure was a stone statue of a goblin, its visage locked in wide-eyed terror. After some investigation, you turned up a scrap of paper written by Krootad, addressed to someone named Fadheela. The only other interesting find was tracks of a booted humanoid that seemed to step off of the ledge and into the darkness.

After some deliberation, you managed to summon two hippogriffs to take you down to the floor of the dark node, 150 feet below. The ‘dust’ that covered the floor turned out to be the old shells of innumerable insects. While resting, these insects, some tiny some as large as a large dog, attacked. Despite the halfling’s having nightmares, there was little effect and the cockroaches were quickly despatched. Once 8 hours had elapsed, a spell was cast and the node took you somewhere in the Underdark into a vast cavern known to locals as the Grotto. Several miles wide, long and tall, the Grotto is host to an underground sea and the former drow city Pedestal, built around the base of a huge spire, a stalactitie-stalagmite connect reaching from floor to ceiling of the Grotto. Your first encounter with life proved fruitful as Bruthwol the Gray Dwarf sold you a few items and told you much about the dark city that awaited you.

What you know: Krootad’s minions, likely the dead halfling and, possibly, the goblin ‘statue’, took powerful magic items and the Forgotten King’s remains into the Underdark. Someone or something, possibly Fadheela, whom Bruthwol told you was a woman with connections to Pedestal’s Assassin’s guild, met and killed the two Krootadians, taking the loot with her. Bruthwol saw her come out of the Node and walk toward the bridge to Pedestal.

What you must do: Get the Forgotten King’s remains back so that the prophecy might save Drellin’s Ferry from the Red Hand and its terrible leader, Azarr Kul; try to recover the magical items that belong to the Forgotten King’s loyal servants (he has given you permission to use them to fight evil); first and foremost, survive in Pedestal, a place more dangerous than any you have ever encountered before…


I think halfling = gnome…

From the Crypt to the Underdark

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