The Forgotten King

Welcome to Drellin's Ferry

DAY #1

The merry band of adventurers began the long journey from Athkatla to Drellin’s Ferry. Along the way the party spotted an ambush just outside of town. A goblin band led by one named Vrog tried to ambush the party. The goblins numbered seven. Ellamin felled two with his heavy fists, Thalamyr blinded, stunned and dazed one into submission before killed it. Ptolemy engulfed three in a well placed entangle spell before Ellamin finished them off. Argo used his thin blade to subdue Vrog. Ela’san, using stealth felled a raider before coming face to face with a goblin rogue. They battled for a time before Thalamyr used a trasportation spell that allowed the injured Ela’san to be replced with Argo. In the meantime, a worg carrying a rider and two others jumped out of the bush and were quickly subdued by Ptolemy’s magic blinding. The two bandits begged for mercy and were subdued by Ellamin and eventually slaughtered by Ela’san. The worg, dropped its rider who was dispatched by Ellamin and finished off by Ela’san, before it escaped. Argo chased the rogue into a farm house that contained numerous bodies of the farmers and the guards. Argo and Thalmyr went to investigate. The rogue, disguised as a dead farmer, attacked Argo. Ellamin and Ela’san, hearing the battle in the farmhouse, quickly came to Argo’s aid. The rogue, using his dexterity and quickness escaped out a window. The adventurers gave chase through the forest but it was Ptolemy’s pie-to-the-face that gave them the upper hand. The group finally ended the rogues life, not before he spoke a curse that the Red Hand will destroy all.

The party rode into town without incident and were met by the town guards. The captain of the guard escorted the party to the Old Bridge Inn and pointed out some locales along the way. After being briefed on the disappearance of a certain family and two guards in the mausoleum, and after hearing there was a reward, the party agreed to investigate. The next morning the party visited the smithy, the temple, and the wizards tower to gain more information about the area.

As the party neared the mausoleum, feral eyes met them. Two wolves appeared to be tearing the flesh off of two dead bodies. Argo dispatched one and Thalmyr and Ellamin dispatched the other. The worg from the road appeared. Ellamin and Argo slashed and punched it to death. Thalamyr went around the building and discovered a runehound lurking. The rune hound spit acid and charged Thalmyr. Ela’san and Ellamin approached it from one side of the building and Argo from the other. Argo carved open the hound’s side in a critical blow and the rune hound went down.

The bodies on the steps turned out to be the missing guardsmen. The party entered the mausoleum and were set upon by two zombies and three skeletons. Ela’san and Ellamin dispatched one zombie while Argo and Thalamyr dispatched the other, after Argo realized his piercing blade was useless against these undead. The three skeltons crumbled under the relentless punches and kicks of Ellamin and the slashes of Ela’san’s sword and crushing blows of her morning star.

Thalamyr discovered that one of the crypts was sealed recently and cries were heard from within. He removed the nails and a young lady appeared and explained that a bigbear killed her family. She ran as fast as she could back to Drellins Ferry.



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