ARGO (Argolian Galavir)

high elf swashbuckler


Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Hit Points:78

Swashbuckler Level 3 / Fighter Level 4

AC:26 mithral chain shirt (+3)+7, dexterity+6, buckler+2(+2) and dastana+1

Strength:14+2, Dexterity:19+4, Intelligence:14+2, Wisdom:10, Constitution:14+2, Charisma:12+1

FEATS: Regional: Fearless

1st Level: EWP Elven Blades

Bonus from Flaw: Sense Weakness

Bonus from Swashbuckler: Weapon Finesse

3rd Level: Combat Expertise

Fighter 1st: Daring Warrior

Fighter Bonus: Weapon Focus Elven Thin Blade

6th Level: Power Critical

Fighter Bonus: Weapon Specialization

FLAW: shaky

SKILLS: Points put into skills

Balance: 8



Escape Artist:8


Sense Motive:5


SKILL TRICKS: 1) Twisted Charge 2)Nimble Stand


Elven Thinblade +2 attack +14 1d8+6, 15-20X2 (Pit spawned, +1 +2 to confirm criticals)(piercing)

Short Bow attack +9 1d6, 20X3 (piercing)

Bastard Sword +2 attack +11, 1d10+5, 18-20X2 (slashing)


Argolian Galavir hails from Cormanthor and is the yougest son of an elven nobleman and merchant. Argo, as he is affectionately called was born in the Elven Court and when he was 50 summers old, his family, father Lord Eldar Galavir, mother Lady Selina Galavir, their eldest son Gwaine Galavir, eldest daughter Serianne Galavir, son Cristian Galavir, daughter Sarellia Galavir, son Rynolt Galavir, and youngest son Argo Galavir moved as emissaries to the city of Waterdeep. The family helped trade between Waterdeep and the elves of Cormanthor. Argo, being the youngest, was trained by the best scholars from Crystalkeep and the best swordsmen from across the Realms from Calimshan to Sembia and Cormyr. Argo is well versed in many languages from his many years of study. As with all Galavirs upon reaching their 55th summer, Argo was presented with his own signet ring emblazened in crimson and adorned with the letters A and G entertwined on the face and the inscription “From Myth Drannor We Hail”, that held wonderous healing properties.

At the age of 60 summers, at the request of the House Captain of the guard, Argo was sent to study the ways of the blade in Silverymoon. The House Captain, an wood elf named Durion Murlass, found the young Argo sword fighting with wooden swords against many of his trained guardsman. Much to Durion’s surprise the young Argo was quite impressive and even managed to win a few duels. Thinking the young nobleman should learn how to fight and defend himself, he taught Argo the rudimentary techniques of slashing and parrying but knew this lad needed more advanced training and suggested that he escort the boy to Silverymoon to learn at the academy. Since Argo was already getting in the family’s way and getting into mischief it was a welcomed idea. So off Argo went.

His body is honed from the hours and hours of athletic training and muscle co-ordination spent training at the Academy of Valour in Silverymoon. He learned that battle was like a dance with twists and elaborate footwork. He learned to use his quickness and agility to avoid the blades and to seek out opportune moments to strike. Soon the young Argo was growing bored with the dance, until a new blade instructor, a half drow female named Silvera Starmantle set foot into the Academy. At once Argo was swept away by her beauty and her finesse with a thin blade known as an elven thinblade. With his interest piqued, Argo took up the new blade with ease. It felt comfortable in his hand and he soon picked up the intriquette footsteps of the instructor. He held on to her every word, he drank in all she had to offer. She taught him the dance of battle, as well as how to treat a lady and a few other things. Soon he matched her step for step and their battles resembled fine dancing as each moved across the field of battle lightly and methodically. Their heavy breathing and heart thumping battles had everyone in awe. He felt his heart was being lost to this half-drow warrior. She was his first love.

One morning Argo woke up to see his love packed up and ready to move on. Silvera was preparing to travel to Evermeet and seek the Misty Isle (the mysterious home of the elves across the sea). They embraced one last time and he knew he would never see her again. There was a hole in his heart that would never heal. As he returned to his room and noticed that Silvera had left him a package. A note sealed with a kiss that read, “To my young love…” and a blood red elven thin blade that reeked of power. This weapon, Silvera noted in her letter, was a gift that she knew would be put to good use and that it was forged in the fires of the Abyss by the pitspawn. She noted that it held many mysterious powers that would reveal themselves to Argo in due time.

With his new blade strapped to his hip, he soon left the Academy and made his way east to the coast and into the city of Athkatla where he settled into a guild house known as the Path of the Scarlet Chord.

ARGO (Argolian Galavir)

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