Thalamyr the Sapient


Wizard (Conjuration Domain) Str – 6 Int – 20 Wis – 12 Dex – 16 Con – 14 Cha – 10

feats: Discipline (reg), Improved Initiative (UA variant, lose Scribe Scroll), Spell Mastery, Uncanny Foresight (from non-combatant flaw) skills: Concentration 5, Spellcraft 5, knowledge (Arcana, Dungeon, Nature, Planar, Religion) spellbook: Mage Armour (domain), Protection from Evil, Mount, Obscuring Mist, Silent Image, Ventriloquism, Ray of Enfeeblement, Enlarge Person, Charm Person, Backbiter Saves: 2/3/4 Weapon: short bow (+4, dmg 1d6-2) AC: 13 (17 w/ mage armor) HP: 11 or 12 Elven sub-lvl at 1 and 3 Regional item – wand of colour spray (20 charges)


Thalamyr served as a sage’s assistant in Evereska until the Phaerrim incursion. Circumstances dictated that all survivors either take up the blade or the staff in Evereska’s future defence. When it became apparent that the invasion was over, Thalamyr moved south to Amn to undertake an adventuring career. He hopes to encounter a plethora of strange and wonderful creatures to broaden his knowledge and further his magical studies.

Thalamyr the Sapient

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