Belkar Bitterleaf



"Belkar Bitterleaf: Male Halfling(Strongheart) Rgr6; CR 6;
Small Humanoid (halfling);
HD 6d8+12; hp 57;
Init +5; Spd 30 ft/x4;
AC 21 (+4 armor, +5 dex, +1 size, +1 deflection), touch 17, flat-footed 16;
Base Atk/Grapple +6/+4;
Full Atk +12/+7 Primary (1d6 fire)  (1d4+2;19-20/x2, Masterwork short sword), +12/+7 Secondary (1d6 cold)  (1d4+1;19-20/x2, Masterwork short sword), +11/+6 Two-Weapon (primary)  (1d4+2;20/x3, Masterwork handaxe), +11/+6 Two-Weapon (secondary)  (1d4+1;20/x3, Masterwork handaxe), +13/+8 One-handed  (1d4+2;20/x2, Masterwork light mace), +13/+8 Two-handed  (1d4;20/x3, Masterwork shortbow);
SA&SQ Fast Movement(Ex), Animal Companion(Ex), Wild Empathy(Ex), Favored Enemy,  ¤ Humanoid (human) (+2 bonus),  ¤ Humanoid (goblinoid) (+2 bonus);
SR 0; AL CN; SV Fort +8, Ref +11, Will +3;
Str 14(+2), Dex 21(+5), Con 14(+2), Int 8(-1), Wis 10(+0), Cha 10(+0);
Skills: Climb¹ +13, Handle Animal +9, Jump¹ +13, Ride¹ +16, Tumble +11.
Feats: Endurance (PH 93)², Mounted Combat (PH 98), Track (PH 101)², Two-Weapon Fighting (PH 102)², Improved Two-Weapon Fighting (PH 96)², Weapon Finesse (PH 102), Weapon Focus (PH 102) (Sword, Short), Two-Weapon Pounce (PH2 84), Fearless (PG 38).
"Racial Abilities:
• -2 Strength, +2 Dexterity
• Base land speed of 20 feet.
• +2 morale bonus on saving throws against fear
• +1 racial bonus on attack rolls with thrown weapons and slings.
• Favored Class: Rogue
Class Abilities:
• Fast Movement(Ex): +10 to speed when in medium armor or lighter and not
carrying a heavy load.
• Animal Companion(Ex): You have selected a Dog, Riding as your companion.
• Wild Empathy(Ex): You can make a check(1d20+8) to improve the attitude
of an animal. You must be within 30 feet of it, and it generally takes
one minute to perform the action.
• Favored Enemy: You have certain types of enemies that you have
extensive knowledge about. Against these creatures, you gain the listed
bonus to Bluff, Listen, Sense Motive, Spot, and Survival checks, as well
as weapon damage rolls.
 ¤ Humanoid (human) (+2 bonus)
 ¤ Humanoid (goblinoid) (+2 bonus)


Belkar Bitterleaf

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