Ptolemy Luckblade (Deceased and Looted)


Ptolemy Luckblade

Male Human(Chondathan) Brd5; CR 5 Medium Humanoid (human);

HD 5d6+10; hp 42;

Init +2; Spd 30 ft/x4;

AC 20 (+5 armor, +2 shield, +2 dex, +1 deflection), touch 13, flat-footed 18;

Base Atk/Grapple +3/+3;

Full Atk +5 One-handed (1d6+2;19-20/x2, +2 Whip-dagger), +7 Two-handed (1d8+2;20/x3, +2 Longbow), +4 One-handed (1d6;18-20/x2, Masterwork rapier), +4 One-handed (1d6-1;19-20/x2, Masterwork silver whip-dagger);

SA&SQ • You can cast bard spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance., Bardic Knowledge(Ex), Bardic Music, Countersong(Su), Fascinate(Sp), Inspire Courage(Su), Inspire Competence(Su);

SR 0; AL CG; SV Fort +4, Ref +10, Will +11;

Str 10(+0), Dex 14(+2), Con 14(+2), Int 16(+3), Wis 8(-1), Cha 23(+6);

Skills: Appraise¹ +4, Bluff¹ +13, Diplomacy¹ +18, Disguise¹ +22, Gather Information¹ +8, Knowledge (arcana) +6, Knowledge (arch & eng) +8, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +4, Knowledge (history) +11, Knowledge (religion) +11, Perform (singing) +16, Perform (stringed instruments) +7, Spellcraft +11, Tumble +10, Use Magic Device +14.

Traits: Easygoing (UA Pg 87) : Gain +1 on Gather Information checks, -1 on Intimidate., Honest (UA Pg 88) : Gain +1 on Diplomacy checks, -1 on Bluff and Sense Motive., Polite (UA Pg 89) : Gain +1 bonus on Diplomacy checks, -2 on Intimidate..

Flaws: Inattentive (UA Pg 91) : -4 on Listen and Spot checks..

Feats: Extra Music (CAd 109), Force of Personality (CAd 109), Obscure Lore (CAd 111), Melodic Casting (CM 44), Snake Blood (PG 43).

Racial Abilities

  • Base land speed of 30 feet.
  • Bonus Feat: 1st level bonus feat
  • Favored Class: Any

Class Abilities

  • You can cast bard spells while wearing light armor without incurring the normal arcane spell failure chance.
  • Bardic Knowledge(Ex): You possess a special Knowledge skill for stray bits of trivia. This Knowledge check is 1d20+18
  • Bardic Music: Performances can create varied magical effects 9 times per day.
    • Countersong(Su): You can counter any sonic or language-dependent magical effect. Anyone within 30 feet can use your Perform check in place of their saving throw. You can maintain a countersong for 10 rounds.
    • Fascinate(Sp): You can fascinate 2 creature(s) within 90 feet. If you beat their Will save with a Perform check, they will listen quietly for up to 5 round(s).
    • Inspire Courage(Su): While singing, all allies who can hear you gain a +1 morale bonus to saving throws against charm and fear effects, and a +1 morale bonus to attack and weapon damage rolls. The effect lasts as long as you sing plus 5 rounds.
    • Inspire Competence(Su): You can help an ally succeed at a task. They get a +2 competence bonus to skill checks as long as they are able to see and hear you and are within 30 feet. This can be maintained for 2 minutes.

Spontaneous Arcane Casting

Caster Level 5

Spells per day
  • 3 0th-level spells, DC 16
  • 5 1st-level spells, DC 17
  • 4 2nd-level spells, DC 18

Known Spells

spell name school comp cast time range duration save SR description ref
Detect Magic div vs 1sa 60 ft [c]->5 min(D) None No Detects spells and magic items within 60 ft. ph:219
Know Direction div vs 1sa Personal Inst     You discern north ph:246
Light evo(light) vm/df 1sa Touch 50 min(D) None No Object shines like a torch. ph:248
Mage Hand tra vs 1sa Close [c] None No 5-pound telekinesis ph:249
Message tra(lang) vsf 1sa Med 50 min None No Whispered conversation at a distance ph:253
Summon Instrument con(summon) vs 1r 0 ft 5 min(D) None No Summons one hand-held instrument of your choice ph:285
Charm Person en(charm)(mind) vs 1sa Close 5 hr Will neg Yes Makes one person your friend ph:209
Grease con[creation] vsm 1sa Close 5rd(D) see text no Makes 10-ft square or one object slippery. ph:237
Inspirational Boost en(comp)(mind)(sonic) vs swift Personal 1 rd*     Increases morale bonue to inspire courage ability by +1 spc:124
Tasha’s Hideous Laughter en(comp)(mind) vsm 1sa Close 5 rd will neg Yes Subject falls prone and loses actions ph:292
Ventriloquism ill(fig) vf 1sa Close 5 min(D) Will dis No Throws voice ph:298
Blindness/Deafness nec v 1sa Med Perm(D) Fort neg Yes Makes subject blind or deaf ph:206
Glitterdust con(creation) vsm 1sa Med 5 rd Will neg(blind) No 10ft. radius spread blinds creatures, outlines invisible creatures ph:236
Mirror Image ill[(ig) vs 1sa Personal* 5 min(D)     Creates 1d4+1 decoy duplicates of you ph:254

Ptolemy’s mother was always singing, everywhere she went. She told Ptolemy from a young age that her voice would carry on the wind and that her husband, missing after a hunting trip, would hear it and return. In turn, Ptolemy began to sing with his mother, hoping to see his father again one day. The two would often sing duets together during trips in to town, and at the Antler and Thistle they would earn a small amount of copper and silver in doing so.

Ptolemy was apprenticed to his uncle, an adventurer-turned-blacksmith. While his Uncle Marcus worked the forge, Ptolemy helped out behind the counter, and developed a keen eye for worthwhile merchandise. Marcus filled Ptolemy’s head with stories of his youth, of dragons and maidens alike. The young boy would stay up late at night, enthralled, listening to his uncle’s tales. With time, he began to weave them into his song, and invent stories of his own.

As Ptolemy grew older, he would often venture closer to the sea at night, and took great joy in swapping tales with mariners and sailors in the pubs. He developed a small reputation there, and found he could make more money in a night singing stories and entertaining than he made with his uncle in a week. Unfortunately for the boy, he would often lose it all, and more, when the cards came out; Ptolemy was (and remains) an easy mark.

It was through a rather large (and unsuccessful) bet that Ptolemy started his adventuring life. He owes a considerable sum to BBEG, and had no way to repay it. Rather than let BBEG collect—or bust a kneecap—Ptolemy decided to put his vast knowledge of adventure and hidden ruins to use. He fled the town, hoping that the next time he runs into BBEG he will have more gold on hand.

Preferred problem-solving methods

The easiest thing to do when a problem arises is to lie, or at least talk so fast and not let the other guy get a word in edgewise, so that he doesn’t ever get the chance to figure out if you’re lying or not. If that fails, then a quick exit is usually in order. If that is not possible, put others in front of yourself and the problem. And if that is not possible, then close your eyes and hope for the best.

Long term goals

  • Find his father, though he knows that is less than likely.
  • Pay back BBEG the considerable sum.
  • Find a hero

Short term goals

  • Collect more stories and tales of adventure.
  • Live life to the fullest.

Favors owed/earned

  • Elven Court of Rucien-Xan owes him for returning the princess, Amelia.
  • Owes a considerable sum to BBEG.


  • Baro and them.
  • King of Rucien-Xan


  • BBEG


  • Gambling
  • Fine wine
  • Stories
  • Music and song
  • Using others to do his will


  • Conflict involving himself.
  • Violence involving himself.
  • Spiders

Ptolemy Luckblade (Deceased and Looted)

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