The Forgotten King

Bridge to Rubble

Spud found that his god had answered his prayers, and Belkar’s spirit returned to his body.

Having decided to attempt to destroy the bridge at Skull Gorge, the party advanced North. Along the way, we enlisted the help of a twistusk forest giant, whose hatred of goblins (and love of shiny spiked gauntlets) ensured the help of his kind in the coming Red Hand invasion. We continued on towards the bridge, and found it guarded by hobgoblins, hellhounds, and Ozyrrendion the juvenile green dragon. Gavin approached the bridge ahead of the rest, disguised as Koth, seeking passage and affording him a glimpse of weak points on the bridge. While the guards were convinced, the lead hellhound was not, and we found ourselves fighting for our lives. The hellhounds were dispatched in short order, and a few of the goblinoids fell quickly. However, our advantage was lost as soon as Ozyrrendion entered the fray. Attempting to spread out to avoid his acid breath, and keeping him at bay with missiles of bow and arcane power, we found ourselves losing ground, with hobgoblin veteran soldiers advancing. Argolian swiftly took the towers but was injured, and Belkar fell as he tried to charge across the bridge. Argo and Ela’sen approached with more caution, and I summoned a celestial lion to help them in melee combat. The lion distracted the green, and was able to inflict damage upon the leader of the hobgoblin guards before returning to the celestial plane. We pressed forward to regain Belkar’s body, and to our relief, found that his bleeding had stopped and he lived still. Gavin continued to harry the dragon with arrows as Ela’sen and Argolian finished the remaining hobgoblins. Finally, Argolian was able to strike down Ozyrrendion as he approached too near to the nimble elf.

Gavin was able to use Merthuvial to destroy the bridge at its weak point, and we decided to head back to Drellin’s Ferry. We may be able to fortify their defenses, delay the invasion, and as a last resort, evacuate the people of the town should the Red Hand prove to be overwhelming. With ten thousand invaders, the future of Drellin’s Ferry looks bleak.

~ Thalamyr


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Bridge to Rubble

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