The Forgotten King

Fadheela Vanquished

After defeating Fadheela, you discover these notes:

My Lord Koth, Hail the Rend Hand and Azarr Kul! As you see, I am good to my word. Through Fadheela, I have sent you the bones and most of the items you requested. I still search for Merthuvial as I write this – the blade is hidden well. I hope the Hand is pleased. (signed) Krootad.

Fadheela, You have our thanks for sending the bones and items to us here in the fortress. With the king’s bones in hand, the prophecy is about to be bent to the will of the Red Hand! However, two of the items are missing from what you sent – Merthuvial and Banrhialorg. Please explain. (signed) Koth.

Koth, That fool Krootad never sent Merthuvial as he promised he would, nor has he arrived in Pedestal to deliver it to me. That’s your mess to clean. His worthless lackeys tried to withhold the items you wanted until their master arrived, so you got what you have only because I brook no defiance. The sword might still show up, or Krootad is dead. I do not know which, nor do I care. I am taking the staff as my own, and if you want it, you’ll have to face me. I’ve sent the bones and other weapons along. Count yourself lucky I did not reserve anything else for myself. (signed) Fadheela.

You conclude that the first and last are probably copies, as Fadheela’s other correspondence is kept in good order, with copies of many letters she has sent to others, mostly regarding assassinations.

Now to other matters:

You have several options.

1. Step through the electric portal to chase the remains of the Forgotten King to wherever in the Realms she sent them. This option is the quickest and, likely, the most dangerous, but it could regain you the bones.

2. Return to Pedestal for a while and then go through the portal. Es Sarch offers to either enhance one item or to give you 500pp for your extra services (he is now more powerful than ever with Ellesarwa and Fadheela dead). You may also train if needed and purchase more items (3000gp limit on site; 5000gp limit takes 1-4 weeks). After two weeks, the Red Hand will begin with or without you.

3. Return to Drellin’s Ferry by going back through the Earth Node, either stopping in Pedestral or not. If you stop in Pedestal, then it is the same as scenario #2.

Regardless of what you do, the Red Hand now has the bones of the Forgotten King, and you know it is only a matter of time before the armies of Azarr Kul descend on the small, weak town of Drellin’s Ferry.



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