The Forgotten King

No Rhest for the Weary

We hurried away from Drellin’s Ferry, seeking to dedicate our time to less futile endeavours. The Red Hand must be stopped, and so we shall do our best to help muster the troops at Brindol. Guarlla offered to head to Dauth and the other southern towns, and will alert those unfortunates, providing time to flee or take up arms and head to Brindol. We chose to head towards Rhest, to slow Ssarvith or kill it. And perhaps the elves will prove to be valuable allies when the great conflict takes place.

Taking shelter in an abandoned farmhouse for the night, we were attacked by several hobgoblins led by three massive barghests. We had some difficulty penetrating the armour of the hobgoblins, but to their dismay found they shared the same problem. We were able to fell the barghests, even as one devoured a fallen hobgoblin and seemed to grow more powerful before our very eyes.

We also came across a blockade on the road to Rhest, although the hobgoblins and ogres within proved no match for us, as we went over and through the watchtower. In a matter of seconds, we were able to force our way through the barricade, and extracted some information from a relatively intelligent ogre (he did surrender, after all). He mentioned again the spawns of Tiamat, and alluded to other dangers to the North.

Hopefully, we will make it to our destination soon. It is becoming increasingly apparent that we may be the only people capable of effecting enough change to turn the tide of battle.

~ TH



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